Isle of Noises paperback

‘A fine book that throws new light on  the art of songwriting. MOJO

‘Rachel’s brilliant tome is as far from the snotty, gossipy stereotype of music journalism as it’s possible to get.’ GUARDIAN

‘In-depth, scholarly look at  songwriters and their songs’ **** Q

‘NME Music Book of the Year 2103’ NME

‘Noel Gallagher on the Art of Songwriting.’ SABOTAGE TIMES

‘Being John Lydon…’ SABOTAGE TIMES

‘A classic interview with Noel Gallagher…’ TOP MAN MAGAZINE


…made for sipping slowly…shrewd questions draw fascinating insights from reliably analytical characters…’ GUARDIAN BEST MUSIC BOOKS 2013

‘Many of our greatest songwriters offer fascinating insights into their craft’ CHOICE

Rachel has delivered a true moment of glory with this Bible for music fans.’ BALTHAZAR

‘Laura Marling and Johnny Marr on songwriting.’ CLASH

‘A remarkable achievement 9/10SUBBA CULTCHA

An unmissable collection of writing-focused interviews with some the UK’s best songwriters of the past 50 years’ SONGWRITING MAGAZINE

‘If your thoughts are turning towards Christmas gifts, the music scholar in your life will love Isle of Souls’ DIGITAL SOUND

‘Jimmy Page on the art of songwriting.’ DANGEROUS MINDS

‘Art of lyricist made plain for all to see.’ SHEFFIELD STAR

‘Rachel is a very intelligent, clued-up and musically astute interviewer and his book is worth more than its hefty weight.***** DAILY SPORT

‘Citizens of the Isle of Noises…’ WATERSTONES BLOG

‘…one of the few interviews that pays full respect to John’s musical and lyrical skills…highly recommended’ JOHNLYDON.COM/PiL OFFICIAL

‘The Joy of coffee table books…’ LIFE OF YABLON

‘Rarely has this thought-provoking subject been tackled in such an engaging and insightful way’ JOCKS AND NERDS

‘National Anthems…’  GUARDIAN

‘Sting’s Moon Walk…’ THE TIMES


‘Secrets of Hitmakers’ MAIL ON SUNDAY

‘Art of Songwriting in Britain’ THE LIST

Radio 2Janice Long Show

‘What a collection…it’s absolutely fantastic’ Janice Long BBC RADIO 2

A fascinating book’ Miranda Sawyer LOOSE ENDS BBC RADIO 4

‘It’s a fascinating insight into songwriting’ Robert Elms BBC LONDON

‘Never less than illuminating’ BELFAST TELEGRAPH

Interview with TRIBE

  ‘4.5/5 – This is a sublime book, which has been thoroughly researched by a very skillful and talented interviewer.ROCK TRANSMISSION 

‘a fascinating read for anyone who has ever laboured with the idea of writing a song.’  MUSOGUIDE

We’ve selected a few of our favourite extracts to give just a snippet of the privileged insight that Rachel’s book offers it’s readers…’ HUNGER

Looking for the perfect book to add to your Christmas wish list? Call off the search….will keep you occupied from post turkey slump well into the New Year.‘ JIGSAW