Hearts and Bones

Hearts and Bones

Animal to bellyful
Mineral, amphibian or man
Mummified et malheureusement

Activist or feminist
Reactionary protagonist
Eat Drink Eat Woman Man
Up the mountain, down the valley, wade the river, grain the sand
Fly the skies to the rain to the sun

With the rhythm to the motion
Action Man
Barbie Doll or Demolition Man
Surfing on the ocean waves
Montego Bay to Biscay Bay
Jamaica make her live a life a long

Music on the radio, dancing rock ‘n’ roll
Melody, melody sound so sweet
Music to my soul

There my heart and bones babe, play my heart of stone
There us growing old babe, strum my heart and bones


Andy Cutting – Accordion
Roy Dodds – Drums, percussion
John McCusker – Fiddle, low whistle, tenor guitar
Daniel Rachel – Acoustic guitar, vocals
Andy Seward – Double bass


Produced and musically arranged by John McCusker
Recorded by Andy Seward at Pure Records, South Yorkshire
Mixed by Bartrum at Bob Lamb’s Studio, Birmingham


I tried to imagine Roy Orbison and The Clash combining. A reviewer once suggested, ‘I couldn’t sing just like Joe Strummer and Bob Dylan’; two of my favourites – high praise indeed. Recorded this song in one day at Kate Rusby’s studio it was a joy to work with such great folk musicians.