People’s History Museum with Billy Bragg: ‘An amazing oral history of a time when pop culture fought against the forces of darkness. Well worth reading not just by those who were there, but also by anyone looking for the inspiration to mix pop and politics in the 21st century.’


Jerry Dammers at the launch of Walls Come tumbling Down, Fred Perry, Covent Garden by Travis Elborough.


The British Library with Tom Robinson, Lucy Whitman, Kate Webb and Dennis Bovell


Rough Trade East with Lesley Woods (Au Pairs), Neil Spencer (NME), Attila the Stockbroker, Rhoda Dakar (Bodysnatchers/Special AKA)


CHALKIE DAVIES: This is an important book, crammed full of photos and the real story of how a great number bands got together and actually did something to change things in the UK. The last time I photographed a band actually playing was Live Aid, 30 years ago….Rhoda’s outfit was stunningly colourful I turned the photo into black and white, fitting for a book about Rock Against Racism, Red Wedge and 2 Tone.