1. Pearl 2. Face The Sun

Face the Sun

I don’t mean to disappoint, be a shadow on my life
Be the butt of my jokes like the fool who falls down most

I don’t mean to criticise, lay bare your open soul
See the glow in your eyes, shine bright and burn me out

With the years that pass come the years of yearning back
Defined by the lines on our face are the marks that leave no trace

How can I love you with the sun in my eyes
How can I love you
Face the sun


Simon Fowler – Vocals
Paul Kelsall – Bass
Tariq Quadri – Electric guitars, vocals
Daniel Rachel – Acoustic guitars, vocals
Spike – Drums


Engineer – John Rivers
Produced by Simon Fowler
Recorded at Woodbine Studios, Leamington
John Rivers had engineered ‘Ghost Town’ by The Specials at the old Woodbine studios – one of the greatest songs by one of the greatest bands. Years later I got Terry Hall’s autograph in a music shop in Denmark Street. He had been looking at an acoustic guitar which I bought because he had rejected it.  Schoolboy heroes have a lot to answer for. Performed by the original Rachel’s Basement line-up.

‘Lennon said – ‘the secret to writing hit songs, say what you mean, make it rhyme and put a back beat to it. If you’ve got it flaunt it.’ Daniel flaunt it!’ (BBC PUBLIC-i)

‘..a hypnotic burst of swirling sound’ (RECORD COLLECTOR)

‘Daniel is a rare talent and one that needs to be sampled’ (ZEITGEIST)

‘subtle complexities of melody that bring a certain cheerfulness that most singer/songwriters distinctly lack’ (STUDENT DIRECT)