Burned By The Wire / Driving Round the Bend

Released             2003

Produced            Grant Showbiz

Artwork               Pip Dale


‘deserves to propel him into the charts’ (OK)

‘Single of the Month’ (SCOOTERING)

Burned By The Wire

Dreams of you getting to the top will get you nowhere
You shout and you scream
but your barks no bigger than your big toe
But when you’ve had it all given as a small boy
The shock of the world gets your fingers
Burned by the wire

I don’t believe in anybody’s dreams now
There’s too many casualties passing by my window
Top Boy, Prefect, Chief Scout where does it get you now ‘Cause the shock of the world gets your fingers
Burned by the wire

Burned by the wire, your looking tired
A beaten face with no desire
Got to get yourself up, got to get yourself out
No self-respecting man
would be seen so down trodden

‘Cause the dreams of you getting to the top
Got you nowhere
Your washed up baby hung and dried and slaughtered
And now you’ve had it all taken by the big boys
Cause the shock of the world gets your fingers
Burned by the wire


Driving ‘Round the Bend

Who let the cat out the bag
Who put the dog in the sack
Who stoned the birds in the trees
Who let the horse off the lead
Who left the cap of the paste
Who let the veg go to waste
Who left the toilet seat up
And never washes their hands before lunch

I never buy you flowers ’cause you never buy me roses
I never buy you dresses ’cause you always wear the trousers
And if I had some money I’d put it in a kitty
Save it for a rainy day and bugger off round the city

Who left the phone of the hook
And blows my money on trashy books
Who taped over The Street
With a documentary about sore feet
Who spread the rumour ’round town
That this marriage never got off the ground
And who said that to be in love
You can kiss and tell and then make up

Starting all over again gonna make us the best of friends
Starting all over again gonna drive us ’round the bend

Joe Atkinson – Piano, organ
Simon Duckworth – Bass
Marc Olivier – Guitars
Daniel Rachel – Vocals
Rocco Webb – Drums, percussion
Produced by Grant Showbiz
Recorded by Grant Showbiz at Cathouse Studios, London
Mixed by Bartrum at Bob Lamb’s Studio, Birmingham

Unusually for me, I wrote this song on a piano. The vocals were recorded in Grant’s bathroom where Morrissey had previously done a turn. Working with Grant was great for all his Billy Bragg anecdotes, who has been a huge influence for me. Quite a different mix was released as a limited edition 7″ vinyl single.