A Simple Twist of Folk

Released            2001

Produced           Marc Olivier / Daniel Rachel

Label                    Dust Records

1. Letter To A Soldier

2. The Sound of the Silence

3. The Last Time I Danced

4. In My Life

5.  Mamma Cha Cha (Doo Doo Wah)

6. Saturday Morning Sunday Night

7.  Digital Blue

8. Meet Me at the Bridge

9. Free My Mind

10. Child Of The Universe

11. Ragged Smile

12. Dusty Road

13. Need To Be Somebody

14. Quit Your Low Down Ways

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‘… highly hummable’, (MOJO)

‘… a song of everyman emotive power so strong Robbie Williams should seriously consider covering it. ***’ (ANGUS BATEY, THE TIMES Read more

‘***…Kelly Jones has just been recognized’ (Q)

‘… one of the catchiest tunes of the new millennium, Daniel Rachel; poised on the brink of greatness’ (SEELIFE)