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Fiery Bird Show featuring Daniel Rachel

Very happy to announce that my guest on 25 May Fiery Bird Show on Radio Woking is Daniel Rachel – author of ‘Walls Come Tumbling Down – The Music & Politics of Rock Against Racism, 2Tone and Red Wedge’. Daniel will be joining me to talk about his book where he has brought together the memories and reportage of the people that were there, that started the movement – musicians, writers, photographers, audience members, the research, the movements and the songs that encapsulate those movements. Couldn’t feel more relevant at the moment it will be good to find out more from someone who has painstakingly interviewed, researched, recorded and double checked the details. To me, this is where we leave behind the iconography of old music heroines and really listen to what was being said and what was being done – and what profile is all about and the good that can be done from it.


Winner of the Penderyn Music Book Prize, Walls Come Tumbling Down charts the pivotal period between 1976 and 1992 that saw politics and pop music come together for the first time in Britain’s musical history; musicians and their fans suddenly became instigators of social change, and ‘the political persuasion of musicians was as important as the songs they sang’. Through the voices of campaigners, musicians, artists and politicians, Daniel Rachel follows the rise and fall of three key movements of the time: Rock Against Racism, 2 Tone, and Red Wedge, revealing how they all shaped, and were shaped by, the music of a generation.

Composed of interviews with over 150 of the key players at the time, Walls Come Tumbling Down is a fascinating, polyphonic and authoritative account of those crucial sixteen years in Britain’s history.


A triumphant oral history of Rock Against Racism, 2 Tone and Red Wedge . . . a tale of resistance: first, against a surge of racism and bigotry that an inspired group of activists and musicians played a key role in rolling back; and then against a government, as the same spirit of defiance quickly resurfaced in opposition to the social revolutions of Thatcherism . . . a vivid portrait
By the Eighties rock had grown a conscience, and Walls Come Tumbling Down, charts how, in the late Seventies and Eighties, musicians became engaged in struggled surrounding race, gender, sexuality and class
Charts punk, 2 Tone and then Red Wedge’s subsequent battle for a multicultural Britain in a brilliant account of the period
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