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TUC Midlands & Stand Up To Racism 2021 Anti-racism Summit

We are delighted to be holding our fifth annual anti-racism summit on 18th September 2021, the theme of which is opposing the racist offensive.
After the Black Lives Matter movement has shifted the national debate in a positive direction there is now a push back from those who deny the reality of racism in the UK.
We will be debating how to build and sustain unity in all areas of our society including workplaces, communities and cultural and sports arenas.
Discussions will cover defending migrant’s rights, equality in the workplace, the impact of losing international workers, the Policing Bill and our right to public protest and much more.
The fight for justice and the right to protest
End the hostile environment: refugees welcome
Decolonising education
No to the culture wars: opposing racism in sport
Love music and culture: hate racism
Speakers include:
Diane Abbott MP
Claudia Webbe MP
Shaka Hislop (SRtRC)
Dr Patrick Roach (NASUWT)
Lee Barron (Midlands TUC)
Weyman Bennett (SUTR)
The TUC Midlands & Stand Up To Racism summit provides a forum for anti-racists, trade unionists, faith and community organisations to come together and develop a strategy to combat racism in all its forms.

Opposing the racist offensive- building unity

Opening Plenary 11.00 to 11.45

Opposing the racist offensive   

Diane Abbott MP, Dr Patrick Roach (NASUWT) Claudia Webbe MP, Naima Omar (SUTR), Chantelle Lunt (BLM)

Monica Taylor (retired member?)                                                                         Chair Lee Barron

Workshops: 11.50 to 13.00

The fight for justice and the right to protest.

Gary MacFarlane,                                                                                                     Chair?

Abeline McShane, (GRT)

Mother of teeager arrested in W Mids

End the hostile environment: refugees welcome

Dinesh (CARAG)                                                                                                          Chair Pete Jackson PCS

Pinar Aksu, Pollockshields Glasgow, Espoir Njei LGBT activist,

Salman Mirza( Migrant Voice), Rizwan, (Care4Calais)

Decolonising Education

Chair: Victoria Showumni, chair UCU Black members Section

Augustine Farinola, African Researchers Network CIC UK,

Jennifer Moses, head of equalities, NASUWT,

Diane King, Birmingham NEU member.

No to culture wars: opposing racism in sport

Ged Grebby, (SRtRC)                                                                                                        Chair?

Shaka Hislop (SRtRC)

Blues for All

Love music and culture hate racism

Daniel Rachel (author of ‘Walls Come Tumbling Down’)                                          Chair?

Alex (LMHR), ?Zara Sykes

Closing Plenary 13.10 to 13.45

Fighting back against racism, Islamophobia, anti-semitism and the far right.