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Salon No.6



Salon No.6 present three days of themed talks and debates from Salon London, voted No.6 (appropriately) in GQ’s ‘100 best things to do in the world’. Hosted by Juliet Russell and Helen Bagnall, Salon work with passionate experts, academics and forward thinkers. .

Salon No.6 is three days of themed talks and debates by Salon London, who were voted No.6 (appropriately enough) in GQ magazine’s ‘100 best things to do in the world’, and are dedicated to bringing  big, bold and brilliant ideas to life. Curated and hosted by Juliet Russell and Helen Bagnall, Salonworks with passionate experts, leading academics and forward thinkers from science, art and psychology.  For this year’s No.6Salon explores three innovative and influential musical genres that redefined popular culture – New York Disco, New Romantics and Jazz. Join us in the Gatehouse every day.

Salon No.6 loves New York Disco. Pioneering, inclusive and life affirming, the legacy of NY Disco continues to inform dance culture. Last night a DJ Saved my Life – Bill Brewster and Greg Wilson celebrate The Loft’s underground dance parties, its ethos, influence and the music that fueled the dance floor. Paul Tierney brings us the fashion and faces who created the style and decadence of Studio 54 and we look at the neuroscience of Disco and why our brain loves the beat that goes on and on. Friday1pm-3pm The Gatehouse.

Salon No.6 loves New Romantics. Where music, fashion and sexuality brushed up against the avant garde, we explore this creative surge that changed the UK forever. We meet the cultural tour de force, Jeremy Healy, whose music, style and friendships helped to define a movement. Now one of the world’s most sought after DJs and composers, Jeremy discusses his life as a New Romantic. Dr Alison Bancroft celebrates Leigh Bowery – Filthy, Fabulous and Queer as Folk. Dr Michael Brooks introduces Steve, Not So Strange – the new science of sexuality. Saturday11am-1pm, The Gatehouse.

Salon No.6 loves Jazz .Combining innovation, improvisation and collaboration, Jazz is the maverick that went mainstream. Philosopher Dr Julian Baggini brings us the Tao of Jazz exploring the relationship between process, spontaneity, philosophy and Jazz. Singer and vocal coach, Jennifer John presents Fascinating Rhythm – How Jazz Works, taking us through the musical ingredients that define the genre. Finally neuroscientist Dr Catherine Loveday introduces Lost in Jazz – How the Brain thrives on Improvisation, exploring just how deeply creative, absorbing and stimulating Jazz can be for musicians and listeners. Sunday11am -1pm The Gatehouse