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Join us for this fascinating in conversation with Eddie Piller and Steve Rowland, focused on their recent publication Modzines – Fanzine Culture From The Mod Revival – an original book that documents the fast living world of fanzines.

Sunday 10 Nov  |  4.15pm

Published by Omnibus Press, Modzines is illustrated in full colour with original artwork and photos, and contains insights from leading figures in the scene including fanzine editors, bands, DJs, promoters, journalists and ‘faces’, all of whom share previously unheard stories, anecdotes and memories.

Modzines also contains original and rare artwork, alongside covers and spreads from the most celebrated, culture-defining fanzines including Direction Reaction Creation, Extraordinary Sensations, Roadrunner, 48 Thrills, Maximum Speed, Sense of Style, Sth Circular, Patriotic, Go Go, In The Crowd, Right Track and Beat That, among others.

Author, Acid Jazz label owner and DJ Eddie Piller explains: “I was inspired to work in the music industry by the very first mod fanzine, Maximum Speed. Within a year I had established my own modzine (Extraordinary Sensations) which, by issue 12, was selling approximately 15,000 copies a time. The early ’80s mod world provided the perfect storm for fanzines: a completely uninterested mainstream media, ease of production, a proliferation of groups and an explosion of young kids all around the world meant that the concept of a home made magazine thrived. There were well over 1500 different modzine titles and this extraordinary underground culture has never been fully explored before”