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Is it time to tune out all that divisive noise, take to a field and tune in to something better?

For, if we are the stories we hear, and our brains can’t help but notice what grabs our attention, do we need to watch what and whom we focus on, if we are to unite our shattered isle?

Hear better things, bolder thoughts and broader ideas about how to live and how to begin, as Also Festival presents its 5th edition: Isle of Noises.



Want to understand the creative approach of musicians? Musician-turned-award winning author, Daniel Rachel will be at ALSO to discuss his exclusive conversations with the UK’s greatest living musicians the subject of his book Isle of Noises – Great British Songwriting.

1pm Soundtrack to My life. We are fascinated by what makes authors tick and by the role music plays in our identity. Daniel Rachel is the award-winning author who’s book Isle of Noises, digs deep into the creative process and psyche of some the UK’s finest songwriters. Discover the tracks that have inspired him and marked some of his most significant moments. Bar

2pm Great British Songwriters. Bar .

3pm Parallel Lines. Listen to the stories and facts behind Also’s Album of the Festival – Blondie’s Parallel Lines. Award-winning author, musician, and aficionado, Daniel Rachel explores the impact and legacy of this seminal album, and why it stills feels so fresh and relevant 40 years on.

5pm  Ska DJ set. Hailing from Miidlands, the home of Two-Tone, who better to treat us to a very special Ska and Two-Tone DJ set than award-winning author and musican Daniel Rachel.  Combining influences from Jamaican music, such as ska, reggae and Rock Steady with elements of punk and new wave, this music shaped a generation. Did someone say skank?