Book of the Year: Evening Standard and Metro

Don’t Look Back in Anger has been named A Book of the Year by the Evening Standard and Metro. Reviewing the book in the Evening Standard.,  Nick Curtis wrote, ‘Daniel Rachel’s oral history of Cool Britannia made me miss the honest vulgar excess of the 90s: Oasis, Blur, Blair, TFI Friday, Girl Power & Trainspotting. It [...]

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An Evening Standard Book of the Year

Don't Look Back in Anger has been named as a Book of the Year by the Evening Standard. Reviewing the book,  Nick Curtis wrote, 'Daniel Rachel’s oral history of Cool Britannia made me miss the honest vulgar excess of the 90s: Oasis, Blur, Blair, TFI Friday, Girl Power & Trainspotting. It almost looks like a [...]

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Tony Blair reading Don’t Look Back in Anger

I very much enjoyed reminiscing with Daniel Rachel about the 90s and the extraordinarily rich and diverse period for British culture. The political landscape was also interesting as I recall! Congratulations Daniel on a great book -Tony Blair. Tony Blair Institute @InstituteGC

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BBC RADIO 4 Start the Week

Challenging conventions  Antony Gormley talks to Tom Sutcliffe about his forthcoming major show at the Royal Academy. The sculptor returns to his enduring interest in the inner dark space of the body and the body’s relation to its surroundings. As well as the famous casts of this own figure, seawater and clay fill one gallery, [...]

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Word In Your Ear podcast

'We guarantee, this will change the way you think about the era you lived through.' David Hepworth 'Such a good speaker - precise and thoughtful and funny -  and full of great theories and stories. Daniel's got an enviable knack of being able to explain really complicated analysis very clearly. It's so original to read [...]

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New Statesman – ‘Moreishly readable’

BYJOHN NIVEN Viva forever: Geri Halliwell’s Union Jack dress came to epitomise the optimistic Nineties It was a time when we chose life. When football was coming home. When a new day was dawning, was it not? When we Thanked Fuck It Was Friday. When Superstar DJs, uh, there they went. And a zigga zig [...]

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Observer / Guardian Book of the Week

Don’t Look Back in Anger review – talking about cool Britannia Daniel Rachel’s entertaining oral history of the 1990s, featuring everyone from Tony Blair to Tracey Emin Kitty Empire @kittyempire666 Mon 26 Aug 2019 07.00 BST  Tony Blair meets Noel Gallagher in 1997, watched by Alan McGee of Creation Records, far right. Photograph: Rebecca Naden/PA With isolationism on [...]

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Sunday Times stunning review

BRITAIN Don’t Look Back in Anger by Daniel Rachel review — the fallacy of Cool Britannia An evocative oral history of the 1990s charts the rapid rise and grotesque fall of Britpop. Review by Victoria Segal Working the red, white and blue: the Spice Girls in 1997RAY BURMISTON/GETTY IMAGES The Sunday Times, August 25 2019, 12:01am A preserved shark, a Spice [...]

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Ranking Roger memoir rave reviews

There have been some wonderful reviews of I Just Can't Stop It: My Life in the Beat co-written with Daniel Rachel. Read the best of them below: '...extremely poignant.' MOJO 'Energy abounds'  UNCUT 'A fitting document of a great British band' RECORD COLLECTOR 'The chatty, unpretentious narrative documents pop's gleefully glamorous side, including kissing Madonna [...]

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Proof copies for Don’t Look Back in Anger

CALLING ALL 90s KIDS Proofs of #DontLookBackInAnger have just dropped! Through 68 voices that epitomise the 90s, award-winning author DanielRachel has crafted an essential oral narrative of Cool Britannia DON’T LOOK BACK IN ANGERThe Rise & Fall of Cool Britannia By Daniel Rachel Published in hardback by Trapeze on 5th September 2019, priced £20 Tony [...]

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Rock Against Racism 40th Anniversary

Carnival Against the Nazis To celebrate the 1978 Rock Against Racism Carnival Against the Nazis, the Migration Museum is hosting an exhibition of memorabillia until September 2018. In April, Daniel chaired an in-conversation with original RAR member Kate Webb, Clash manager, Caroline Coon,  lead singer of Alien Kulture, Pervez Bilgrami, and Manchester RAR organiser Debbie [...]

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