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Guardian Book of the Week

This is a triumphant oral history of Rock Against Racism, 2 Tone and Red Wedge, a timely account of 1970s-80s musicians who fought against bigotry and Thatcherism John Harris review of Walls Come Tumbling Down...'triumphant...definitive book...the details are as much rooted in great human stories as dry politics, and the text manages to sustain its mood [...]

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Lee Mavers

"Although all the interviewees have something interesting to say, Rachel's conversation with Lee Mavers is particularly enlightening. A man with obvious gifts, natural gifts, but dogged by suspicion of the music industry, and almost crippled by a Brian Wilson-esque inability to capture on tape the sounds in his head - which is why we've not heard any new music from him in decades."

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John Lydon

"Adults bring their own filthy minds into a thing. They don't quite perceive it as a child does. Oh, Johnny's used a naughty word. "Bodies" was from two different points of view. You'll find that theme runs through a lot of things I write like "Rise" – "I could be wrong, I could be right". I'm considering both sides of the argument, always."

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